Merry Christmas and a happy new year

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2018. Thank you so much for a great year 2017. As we have said on every other platform around the internet – Thanks to all who supported us and came to our shows and rocked hard with us. We also wanna thank all great bands we had the chance to share the stage like “Hydra, Saint Astray, Alia Tempora, Blackbriar, Snow White Blood” and many more…

God bless you all
Lot´s of love from Xiphea

Thank you
xiphea interview

Xiphea interview

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Dec 02

On our last show in Berlin we were asked to do a little interview with some Norwegian fellow who interviewed all bands from that night. He uploaded it on you tube and we didn´t want you to miss it. So here you go… have fun…

Reporter & Editor: Janne Vuorela
Filming: Jani Hautajärvi

Berlin Blackland

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Nov 27

For the first time Xiphea performed at the german capitol Berlin. The norwegian band “Cretura” invited us to support their Berlin show and of course we took the chance to do a show at Berlin. We had a great time at the Rock and Metal Bar Blackland in Berlin. Four bands, a lot of metalheads and great shows. “Vargrimm” from Berlin started the night with a great performance and heated up the stage. “Fairy” from Norway rocked the stage as second and did a great job. Meanwhile we did a small Interview with some norwegian guys for a metal platform in Norway and their You Tube Channel. We will post the link to the video when it´s published.  After a small pause between “Fairy” and “Xiphea”. Sabine, Neil, Frank and Michael entered the stage and again Michael had to fill in for Bence on the drums. Like in Brno Michi did a wonderful job and we had a great time on stage in Berlin. Thank you very much everyone for your support. 

“Cretura” finished the evening and performed a wonderful show. So we all had a great time, met wonderful people and had a chat or two with fans and friends. Thank you Berlin, we hope to see you all again soon.

Love from Xiphea 

Xiphea Brno 2017 melodka club

Femme Fatale Vol4 with Xiphea

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Nov 20

Thanks to our friends Alia Tempora for inviting us again. Melodka Club Brno is great place to be for a nice metal show. The Czech audience is so nice and great, we really had a lot of fun. This was the fourth time Alia Tempora made the Femme Fatale Festival possible. And it was great. Wonderful bands, friendly people and a nice vib going on during the shows of the bands. Xiphea this time played on the last slot but the audience was still going on pretty well. But Xiphea has to deal with a little less luck this year so again we couldn´t play with the whole line-up. Drummer Thomas got sick and couldn´t make it. Good luck that our Lead guitar player Michi also has a little drum experience. So the drummed the set and it was a blast. Great show, nice work and hopefully when we come back to Brno we will be on stage complete. We´ll see…

Thanks to all fans, friends, bands and everyone who made this night so great. Here some pics from the evening…

Xiphea Brno 2017 melodka club
Xiphea Brno 2017 melodka club
Xiphea Brno 2017 melodka club

Once upon a time Tour with Saint Astray Day #5

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Nov 04

Last day Regensburg… What can I say… In the beginning it seemed everything will not work. Technical issues, problems with punctuality and some other issues. But we sorted it out, hurraay. So we can do the show @ Alte Mälzerei Regensburg. And it was great and turned out to a great showdown. It was the last show on the tour with Saint Astray and sooo amazing. Thank you guys for a great tour and thank you for all supporters during the tour. Special thanks to our friends from “Hydra” who supported us on the last show in Regensburg. We had so much fun… again… and hopefully we will be playing all the places we have visited again. 

We love you all 🙂

Thank you Hydra
Thank you Saint Astray

And here a little special we got for tour end…

Once upon a time Tour with Saint Astray Day #4

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Nov 03

Next stop Sunday, Weiden –  The trip was not as long as before so we had a little bit more time to eat. After checking in the nice hotel we had a bavarian meal which was really great after all that junk food the days before. 🙂 The show started at 8 o´clock in a nice halloween decorated location. Café Parapluie was filled up with fans from the local heros “Travesty” who started the show. Quit a metal blast but somehow good. Xiphea had a little technical problems that night… but overall it was a good show and as usual we had fun on stage. Thank you Weiden especially the crew of the location. It was really a great time at your place. Maybe we will see us again someday. 

Damned Souls Xiphea

Once upon a time Tour with Saint Astray Day #3

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Nov 02

Day 3 Magdeburg… This was a blast. We had some much fun and the people were great. The journey took us to the Heavy Metal Club “Damned Souls”. Great location with very friendly and helpful people. We had a great show and a fun night. The first band  from Magdeburg “Excuse for reality” started off the event and did a pretty good job. The singer was a little attached to Ville Valo from Him but so what. The show was great. After their small 30 minutes set Xiphea entered the stage and did the job as known… 🙂 After a blast show Saint Astray finished the crowd off. Great night, met a lot of nice new people and we all had fun. 

Damned Souls Xiphea
Damned Souls Xiphea Magdeburg
Xiphea live Magdeburg

Once upon a time Tour with Saint Astray Day #2

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Oct 28

Next stop Hamburg – Indra Club and we must say what a blast… Thank you Hamburg for a great evening. The audience was amazing even if there weren´t as many as expected. Nevermind you sounded like a thousand 🙂 Great show with great bands and friendly people everywhere.

So we startet off to Hamburg very early but there were traffic jams all over the place. No matter which route we took it was always stop and go, stop and go. Our friends from Saint Astray of course had the same troubles. But finally we made it, a little late but still in time. Now hurry up get the stage ready and rock on. 

Mentally Sane, the local support of Hamburg did a great job and made the crowed hungry for more. So after a 30 minutes set of Mentally Sane we entered the stage and did our job as you may know 🙂 Full Fairytale Metal Power. 

Saint Astray finished the crowed off so everyone had a great night and a nice bright tone in the ear after the shows:-) Great!

Thanks to the lads from the club, you were awesome. Next stop – Magdeburg, hell yeah!