Kraftwerk Sommerfest

The first living room concert is over and it was perfect. We had so much fun with all of you guys and bands, it was fantastic. We had a little trouble right before the show cause the drummer again wasn´t on time… We couldn´t reach him on his mobil so we didn´t know if he would show up at all. But good luck he did 🙂

Now everything was set and rocked the Kraftwerk hard. We really enjoyed the show. It was a new experience to stand right infront of the crowd. Useally you have more space but it was really fantastic. We blew up our living room with confetti so hard that everyone had something to laugh. 

Thanks for a great evening, thanks to all visitors and fans and to the Kraftwerk and Muz for organization. Hopefully this wasn´t the last small living room show we made 🙂